The Paesold Company has a 170-year history, which it is proud of and continues to uphold today. Master instrument and bow makers' knowledge and abilities have been passed down from generation to generation to today's experienced and dedicated luthiers, who continue to employ the skills and knowledge of the past. The company's traditions and craft have been passed down through the years, and it continues to produce some of the best stringed instruments and bows available. Paesold's workshops have a nostalgic feel to them, which is mirrored in their current products.Roderich Paesold continues to create the finest string instruments and bows in his studio in Bavaria, Germany, with a history dating back over 170 years. The expert artisans continue to make only the greatest quality instruments, utilising only the finest tonewoods, fittings, and our proprietary lacquers and spirits. Paesold is currently bolstering its dominant position in the global market by investing heavily in research and development. Paesold makes some of the best items in the world.Over 170 years of history, knowledge, and expertise. Paesold produces the highest-quality stringed instruments and bows, with a reputation for durability. Their ideology is straightforward. Paesold believes that great instruments and bows should be made utilising traditional skills and processes in the workshop. They look for the greatest materials, parts, and wood to make our instruments among the best in the world. At the same time, they seek to protect the environment by utilising only sustainable woods, recycling everything we can, and supplementing our heating system with any waste wood. They try to manufacture the best instruments possible so you can enjoy yours for a long time.