Rodgers Church Organs was founded in 1958 by two visionary engineers and organ lovers, Rodgers Jenkins and Fred Tinker. By embracing technological breakthroughs, the business aimed to make the transformative power of the American organ more accessible to churches, colleges, performance venues, and musicians. Rodgers was created out of a desire to help others and a desire to lift people's spirits via music.

Rodgers Instruments remains unwaveringly committed to our founder's vision decades later. Every member of our staff provides an unsurpassed degree of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to faithfully replicating the sound of a true American pipe organ. Rodgers strives to provide the best digital organs possible for any situation, every day.

Rodgers has pioneered breakthrough digital and hybrid pipe organ technologies through faith, hard work, and dedication. Building the world's first all-transistor church organs, developing the first pipe-electronic hybrid organ, and being the first company to use microprocessors, MIDI, and USB storage in church organs are just a few of the company's achievements. Rodgers has also built spectacular pipe organs, notably the world's 17th largest pipe organ, which is situated in Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and contains over 10,000 pipes.
Rodgers continues to advance the art of organ building in order to properly give the emotionally and spiritually stirring experience of the American pipe organ sound to a new generation of artists and audiences all around the world.

Rodgers offers the appropriate instrument for your location, budget, and particular needs, whether you're looking for a small digital house organ, replacing your church's pipe organ, or selecting an organ for a historic concert hall.

Each Rodgers model has a large number of voices and reproduces the beautifully textured sounds of major pipe organs. Every performance is elevated by our rich, multi-dimensional sound quality, which provides long-lasting sustain and smoothly directs the congregation's voice to new heights of inspiration.