Piano Tuning

Are you looking for piano tuning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Used Piano technicians use the best electronic equipment which scans your piano for the optimum tuning frequency to ensure perfect temperament. Also, it digitally stores your piano’s unique tuning temperament for fast and accurate re-tunings. We recommend Piano Tuning for twice a year and its very important to tune the piano in Dubai Twice a year cos of Humidity.

All of our piano tuning technicians are Bluthner-trained and tune regularly for rehearsals, concerts, recording sessions, festivals, churches, music colleges and in private homes across most of the Country. We are confident therefore that we can provide the best quality technicians to attend to both piano tuning and to the minor technical piano servicing work that your piano may require from time to time.

Our Prices for a basic piano tuning start from AED 400 with annual annual Piano Service Program or AED 500 for one time piano tuning service. If the pitch of the piano is low to the point it needs extra work, pitch changes are AED 100.

Although basic piano tuning usually only takes 45-90 minutes, we recommend reserving two hours for complete service.

*Please note that an extra charge of AED 200 will apply for tuning services provided from 21:00 till 6:00 am.


We guarantee that our expert piano tuners will leave you completely satisfied with your piano tuning service, or we will make it right. We promise that if you face any problems after we our services of your piano, call us and we’ll send one of our technicians out free of charge to address your concerns. You have our word.

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