Aroma TDX-15 Electronic Drumkit

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  • Product Description:The Aroma TDX-15 Kit consists of three tom pads, dual-zone snare pad, an upright kick drum pad, bass drum pedal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads.
  • 12 programmable kits made up of high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.
  • Dual-zone snare pad - capable of rimshots.
  • Class compliant USB MIDI output for connecting to your favourite software. Aux input to play songs from your music sources.
  • The Aroma TDX-15 Kit offers great connectivity with the ability to hook up an MP3 or CD player. There are also headphone and amplifiers outputs so you can play in silence or the total opposite..

The Aroma TDX-15 Kit consists of three tom pads, dual-zone snare pad, an upright kick drum pad, bass drum pedal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads. All pads feature natural rubber that reduces vibration feedback and actually feels natural to play, giving a familiar feel. The kick pad on the Aroma TDX-15 Kit comes with its own pedals, so you can get laying right out of the box. The snare drum also offers more options as, being dual-zoned, you can attribute a snare sound for the centre and a rimshot or click or something totally different for the rim. The Aroma TDX-15 Kits rack is heavy-duty, made up of 1 ½” aluminium tubing that accommodates the pads and module, with all the necessary mounting hardware and cables included. The tubing of the rack, being a standardized size, will also allow you to use other brands of clamps and mounts should you want to. At the core of the Aroma, TDX-15 Kit is the TDX-15 Module. Loaded up with a staggering collection of high-quality drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments. With 12 presets already in place from opening the box, you’re set up to rock from the off.

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