Joyo Vision (Modulation) R-09
Joyo Vision (Modulation) R-09
Joyo Vision (Modulation) R-09

Joyo Vision (Modulation) R-09

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VISION is a dual channel modulation pedal, supporting stereo input and output. Both of the two effects have independent SPEED/RATE, CONTROL, and DEPTH/MIX knobs. In the middle of the panel, a 3-position toggle switch is used for choosing the sequence of the two effects’ output. Besides, each channel features 9 effects, you can adjust various tones with the independent Tap Tempo control.

Effect types Modulation
Effect numbers 9*2
Controls Speed, Control *2, Rate, Depth/Mix *2, Tpye *2
Footswitchs 2
Sample rate:  44.1K
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
Input Jack 6.35mm *2
Output Jack 6.35mm*2
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Output Impedance 100Ω
Rated current consumption 170mA
Working Voltage DC 9V (center minus)
Signal Bypass Type Ture Bypass
LED Mod Sync, Always, Off
Battery powered No
Dimensions 130*110*50mm
Weight 425g