Digital Piano in Dubai
Nux Digital Piano WK-450

Nux Digital Piano WK-450 Rosewood

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Digital Piano in Dubai

Nux Digital Piano WK-450 Rosewood Is One Of The Best Selling Digital Pianos In UAE. Piano Store Online Melodica Music Store. Digital Piano in Dubai

  • Keyboard:88 keys hammer action keyboard
  • Dynamic curves: Light, Standard, Heavy, On/Off
  • Keyboard Modes: Whole, Dual (volume balance adjustable), Split (split point adjustable), Twin Piano. Digital Piano In Dubai
  • Pedals: Soft Pedal(Left), Damper Pedal(Middle), Sustain Pedal(Right)
  • Tones:128
  • Keyboard Percussion:1 set
  • Songs:52
  • Max. Polyphony:80
  • Key Transposition:-12~+12(in semitones)
  • Effects:Reverb(On/Off), Chorus(On/Off)
  • Tempo:20~280bpm
  • Track: One
  • Note Storage: Approx. 4,8000 notes
    • Display: LED Three Digital Numeric Display
    • Exterior: Black wooden PVC finished, upright style
    • Jacks: USB-MIDI Jack, Pedal Jack, Power Jack, Headphone Jack(6.35mm), Line In
    • R/L Jack(RCA), Line Out R/L Jack(RCA)
    • Power: DC 12V, 2A, positive tip
    • Weight: 41kg
    • Dimensions: 1362(L)x420(W)x880(H)mm