Proel EBN2408LU50 AUDIO.STAGE.BOX.24.IN+8.OUT.50.M

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Audio stage box - 32 Channels

Audio stage box - 32 channels - 24 IN / 8 OUT - Cable length: 50 m

The EBN Audio stage boxes are constructed using an epoxy powder finish metal box, featuring small weight and dimension thanks to the professional printed circuit boards used, where high quality NEUTRIK gold-plated contacts XLR connectors are wired in automatic. Cable mount terminations are protected by PVC jackets and wired with PROEL XLRPRO Series metal connectors. CMF Series multicore cable, featuring contact earth, is used for the connections. Available configurations from 8 up to 40 channels in different lengths.

  • Channels: 32
  • Inputs: 24 XLR
  • Outputs: 8 XLR
  • Cable length: 50 m