Dexibell arose from the necessity to make musical products that live up to musicians' greatest demands.Dexibell's creative energy is fueled by the know-how, creativity, and experience of some of Italy's best and most well-known designers and engineers.

‘Without Compromise, Innovation, Tradition, and Passion'

This energy fuels a concept that combines old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to usher in a digital musical instrument renaissance. The heart of classical instruments, fueled by cutting-edge technology like the CORTEX-Quadcore electronic brain.

Thus, we reproduce the sweet notes of Chopin's favorite piano, an 1850s Romantic era grand piano, in our VIVO digital pianos; or we find a tonal quality never before achieved in the reproduction of classical organ sounds in our CLASSICO digital organ; and we find vintage tonewheel and transistor tones in our COMBO digital organ with the revolutionary hands-free motorized draw-fader technology in our COMBO digital organ.Rapid and fascinating technological advancements have enabled us to reach previously inconceivable musical heights. Their goal is to continue to develop and apply this technology so that Innovation, Tradition, and Music can all coexist peacefully.

Dexibell's new VIVO H10 digital piano series is handcrafted in Italy and comes in two styles (mini-grand and console).Dexibell's new VIVO H10 digital piano series is handcrafted in Italy and comes in two styles (mini-grand and console).

The VIVO H10 technology features the world's most advanced engineering and design, including the world's most powerful computer processor, an exclusive hybrid wood and ebony/ivory feel hammer-action keyboard with escapement, 3.2 gb of onboard memory with select piano sounds from Dexibell's industry-leading high-definition PLATINUM piano sound library, UNLIMITED POLYPHONY, a MICROPHONE input with independent volume and vocal effects, and the most sophisticated and elegant speaker system.They always tend to provide a world class service through their quality products in the musical industry.