Krutz Strings

Krutz Strings

Creating the Voice of Strings, since 1992

We are a Midwest shop founded in 1992 as a result of Luthier Anton Krutz's ideas and design. He and his team of expert craftsmen handcraft a line of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, and 5-Strings for students and professionals alike!Every KRUTZ instrument combines all of the essential elements: wood, varnish, strings, and, most importantly, knowledge.Every KRUTZ string instrument has a voice thanks to the synergy of these components.

Luthier Anton Krutz and his craftsmen have created the Voice of Strings after decades of hand manufacturing instruments in the Midwest for some of the world’s best string players. KRUTZ is now the world's only shop producing professional violins, violas, cellos, and basses with this profoundly embedded voice... the Voice of Strings... within each instrument.

Anton began his career as a young violinist, honing his craft. He then set out to push the limits of the instruments' acoustics in an avant-garde manner, meticulously improving every detail of the procedure. His instruments' voice began to fill performance halls with a climax of richness, strength, and flexible expression. As his reputation rose, so did his ambition to bring this sound to string players of all levels, resulting in the whole line of KRUTZ instruments for both students and professionals.KRUTZ recognizes that a player is a co-creator who chooses to express the essence of the soul using a string instrument. The voice of KRUTZ instruments encourages self-expression.

Professional musicians from all around the world perform it in orchestras!

Philharmonic Orchestra of New York The Boston Symphony Orchestra is a professional orchestra based in Boston The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is a professional orchestra based in Indianapolis The Kansas City Symphony is a professional orchestra based in Kansas Virginia Symphony Orchestra Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic Taiwan's Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra Orchestra de l'Arkansas The Los Angeles Philharmonic is a professional orchestra based in Los Angeles North Carolina Symphony Orchestra Orchestra of the State of Israel The Southern California Philharmonic, amongst others!