Our history of tradition and innovation

Majestic is a line of intelligently built percussion instruments for professionals, educators, and today's percussion students, based on carefully constructed ideas derived from both traditional percussion instrument legacy and an innovative culture.

Majestic traces its roots back to the van der Glas B.V. family enterprise, which was formed in 1921 by Willem Klazes van der Glas,Wim van der Glas' grandfather. The young company began selling organs, pianos, and wind instruments in the historic city centre of Heerenveen, the Netherlands, with the creation of percussion instruments following soon after.

These percussion instruments were given the 'Majestic' brand name in 1960. Drum sets were extremely popular at the time, and many rock bands in the Netherlands and elsewhere employed Majestic drums in their music.

Majestic began to specialize in timpani and marching drum production as the production of percussion instruments for orchestras and marching bands became the most important aspect of the company's output.

Majestic became an integral element of one of the world's leading musical instrument makers when it joined the KHS group of musical instrument brands in 2003. With the completion of this significant merger, a comprehensive manufacturing capability was established to create both modern marching drums and orchestral mallet percussion instruments.

Majestic Holland b.v. was formed for the Majestic division, and a massive new facility was built in Nijehaske, near Heerenveen, to continue select timpani production in keeping with the Dutch rich musical instrument producing tradition.In 1921, Majestic's founder, Willem Klazes van der Glas, established a level of quality that is still followed today.