In just five years, the Warwick Music Group's team of musicians, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts rose to prominence as the world's leading producer of brass instruments made from recyclable ABS plastic. Their ground-breaking strategy has transformed a segment of the music industry that has seen little change in almost two centuries.

Warwick Music Group (WMG) is based in Warwickshire, England, and today operates throughout four continents: North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania (Australia), with a global and passionate team dedicated to music and music education.

Simon Hogg and Steven Greenall, two trombonists, founded the company in 1994 as a music publisher. The first piece they published was a previously unpublished work by prominent British composer and trombonist Gustav Holst, written in 1894. Warwick Music Publishing's sheet music library is now available as a digital download for consumers. It includes nearly 1,000 titles from composers all over the world, representing a wide range of genres, styles, and talents.
They knew as musicians that traditional brass instruments are heavy, expensive, and often damaged. Furthermore, they aren't always suitable for small hands! They were also aware that conventional brass instrument sales were falling, and that brass players were in short supply in bands and orchestras all over the world.

As a result, they decided to take action. They pondered if a brass instrument could be made out of plastic, with the same sound as a brass instrument but without the expense, weight, or risk of injury if dropped. They began to consider how much fun it would be if brass instruments came in a range of colors rather than just brass.

Creating the world's first plastic trombone was not simple (we didn't expect it to be), but they persevered because there was so much aid and passion – and so much support for what they were trying to accomplish.

After many attempts (and a few tears), they finally sold our first pBone in late 2010: it was the world's first plastic trombone, and they're proud to announce it went on to become the best-selling trombone in the world.