Suzuki Musica

Mr.Manji Suzuki, the current chairman, founded Suzuki Musical INST.MFG in 1953 as a Harmonica manufacturer. Suzuki Musical has spent many years focusing on the educational sector, with the goal of developing items that are simple to use for students. They also wanted teachers to be able to easily use these instruments in their classrooms.Their musical instrument production began with the Harmonica, which sold over 13 million units. They were the first to design the Suzuki "Melodion," which went on to sell more than 25 million units around the world.

Suzuki produces a large number of their products in-house.

The tone and quality of an instrument are affected by the finish of each section. Among them, reed instruments like the Melodion and Harmonica process parts with precision that is closely linked to the ease of blowing and the quality of response.

Suzuki Musical produces all of the pieces that require such precision processing in their own group and ensures high quality through stringent examinations. They are continually attempting to improve quality by aggressively introducing innovative technology. It's because Suzuki believes that a musical instrument that youngsters encounter for the first time should have a sound quality and be able to be played with confidence at all times.

They recently claimed that their mission is to assist children develop a love of music by introducing them to the joys of musical instruments and the joys of their performances. Suzuki, as a manufacturer of educational instruments, is committed to producing musical instruments in-house because we value "trust" and "responsibility" for instruments first.