Casio Keyboard W Adaptor CT-X700
Casio Keyboard W Adaptor CT-X700
Casio Keyboard W Adaptor CT-X700
Casio Keyboard W Adaptor CT-X700

Casio Keyboard W Adaptor CT-X700

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Play a bass, and hear the player switch techniques based on how hard you
press the keys. Play a synth, and add an arpeggiator and drum part, and
create the next EDM hit. The list goes on. Use the Category button to
explore the 600 Tones, and in each category you’ll find an incredible
variety of lifelike instruments that go far beyond your expectations.
With hundreds of built-in Rhythms, you’ll always have a band ready to
jam. The variety of Rhythms spans the globe as well as the history of
popular music. You’ll find old favorites and chart-topping hits, all
played with incredibly realistic instruments that sound better than
ever. The drum kits come alive with authentic acoustic drums, vintage
drum machine sounds, and a huge collection of percussion instruments and
sound effects. Quickly capture your inspiration with the six-track
recorder, or enjoy the library of 100 built-in Songs. Use the Step-Up
Lesson system, to easily learn the Songs, with the display showing
proper fingering and notation. The CT-X700’s class-compliant USB-MIDI
port connects to any Mac, PC, Android or iOS device with no drivers or
installation needed. The included music rest is designed to support
tablets, and there’s even a built-in smartphone shelf to hold your
device as you use the CT-X700 with your favorite music apps. The CT-X700
is compact and lightweight, with a tough molded plastic case. and its
optional battery power makes it perfect as a go-anywhere musical

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