D'Addario Instrument Care Wax Set PW-PK

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The new Planet Waves Express Pack is a 3 stage cleaning set, which lets instruments look like new with the flick of a wrist. The pack consist of express pockets of the popular Planet Waves cleaning products; ‘Restore’, ‘Protect’ and ‘Shine’ for intensive one-time cleaning and conditioning.


Step 1; ‘Restore’ is a deep cleaning polishing cream for high gloss surfaces. Careful polishing removes small scratches in the surface and protects the finish from damaging UV-rays.

Step 2: ‘Protect’ is a liquid wax from the leaves of the Brazilian Carnauba plant. It is easy to apply, seals in the surface finish and quickly brings it to a shine.

Step 3: Shine is a soft polishing towelette pre-soaked with SHINE instant spray cleaner, cleaning the surface of dirt and brings back the original tone of the finish, making the instrument look like new.

Features: 10ml "Restore"- Polish 10ml "Protect"- Wax 1x "Shine" - Cloth For one-time use
Manufacturer: D'Addario Planet Waves
Application: Restoration
Type: Set