D'Addario Saxophone Reed RIB1035 Soprano 3.5
D'Addario Saxophone Reed RIB1035 Soprano 3.5
D'Addario Saxophone Reed RIB1035 Soprano 3.5

D'Addario Saxophone Reed RIB1035 Soprano 3.5

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Players around the world trust D'Addario to produce solid, reliable reeds at an accessible cost. Royal Reeds are the next generation of woodwind reeds intended for the newest generation of students. They come with a traditional blank shape and profile for the comfortable feel and easy, balanced response that beginners and advancing players can rely on. Royal reeds also feature a filed cut for an extra helping of tonal clarity. Thanks to D'Addario's state-of-the-art manufacturing process, Royal reeds have a consistent feel from pack to pack — which means you can trust that your instrument will sound its best every time you change your reed. Sweetwater recommends Royal reeds for players who are serious about their sound and need consistent results in practices and performances.

D'Addario Royal Reed Features:
High quality reeds for clarinet and saxophone
For beginning and advancing players
Traditional blank shape supports your embouchure
Comfortable profile facilitates an easy and balanced response
Filed cut improves note clarity
Long-lasting design saves money over time
Each reed comes in a plastic holder for protection