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Product Description: DESCRIPTION: DrumCraft is the brand that not simply offers drums it also offers style that derives from German engineering and design. DrumCraft drums are created to stand out and be different in visuals without making compromises on functions. They are built to inspire you every time you perform on them. No matter whether you’re having fun in your rehearsal room or you’re playing 10.000 people venues.

Instrument Type: Drum Sets
Color: Black
Finish: Gloss finish with wood grain visible
Frame: 6-layer Linden / Poplar
Drums: Cutting drums at 45 degree – 600 series hardware set 5 pieces
Set Includes: 18 x 16 inch Tom, 10 x 6 inch Tom, 12 x 7 inch, Floor 14 x 11 inch, Snare 12 x 4 inch, Pedal, reggae snare, hi hat, rod straight plates, boom stand plates.