Evan TT14CHR - 2 Play Black Chrome Drumhead- 14

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This is a 14" Black Chrome Tom drumhead from Evans Drumheads. In a world full of clear and coated drumheads, this will make you stand out. You are different. You go deeper, hit harder and your unique style sets you apart. What you play is who you are. You are the black sheep and you play Black Chrome.

Evans™ Black Chrome batter heads are the ultimate in depth of sound. Featuring a two-ply combination of a 7mil clear top and a 7.5mil black bottom, the Evans Black Chrome series has a robust tone with accentuated mid-to-low frequency response. With extreme durability and clarity of sound, these ideas or ideal for the heaviest of hitters.

Evans TT14CHR Features:
Designed for heavy-hitting progressive and metal drumming
Accentuated mid-to-low-end frequencies
Tight sustain
Extreme durability while sounding new long after installation
Small toms sound rich and robust, low toms sound clear and articulate
Perfect for mic'ing – ideal for studio and stage
Black, mirror-like appearance
Evans TT14CHR Specifications:
Unique 2-ply construction: 7mil optically clear film over 7.5mil blackfilm
Roll-over Hoop technology
Available in sizes 6"-20" for all toms