M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mkv OXYGEN49MKV
M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mkv OXYGEN49MKV
M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mkv OXYGEN49MKV
M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mkv OXYGEN49MKV

M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mkv OXYGEN49MKV

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Welcome to the?brand-new?Oxygen Series from M-Audio, the?Oxygen
Series (MKV).?In today’s world of music production, controlling your
digital music environment is important. It is not only how the pros
improve their workflow, but also how they create unique cutting-edge
signature sounds.?M-Audio has updated the?most iconic series of
MIDI?keyboard?controllers on the market for software-based music
production and performance.?The new Oxygen Series (MKV) keyboard
controllers offer innovative advancements in hardware control enabling
you to create modern cutting-edge music on stage or in the studio.
The Oxygen 49 (MKV) controller includes powerful features essential
for creating and producing music such as Note Repeat (a staple mark in
beat production),?Full Velocity Control of keys and 8 pads, 8 assignable
knobs for controlling effect plugins and virtual instruments, and 9
assignable faders for mixing:?all opening a world of precise music
creation techniques making your signature sound professional and modern.
Note Repeat?allows you to hold down any of the?8?custom-made
M-Audio?velocity-sensitive?performance pads?in 2 available pad banks
to?hear a repeated rhythmic pattern at a selectable note division. The
Note Repeat feature can be activated momentarily or can be used in Latch
mode. If you choose Momentary, holding the Note Repeat button will make
the note played by the pad automatically repeat. If you choose Latch,
pressing any pad will cause its assigned note to repeat without having
to hold down the Note Repeat button.
49 full-size, velocity-sensitive keysPreset and DAW buttons for auto-mapped DAW controls & plugin parametersSmart Chord mode enables playing of enharmonic or custom chord voicingsSmart Scale mode eliminates wrong notes making it easy to craft a perfect songArpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls2 banks of 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with Note Repeat for beat production(8) assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and plugins(9) assignable faders let you mix your productions with easeTransport buttons let you control your DAW without reaching for the mouseDisplay provides instant parameter feedbackErgonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels & 1/4” sustain pedal inputIncludes MIDI editor software and a complete software production package
Oxygen 49 (MKV)
USB Cable
Software Download Card
Quickstart Guide
Safety & Warranty Manual
32? x 9.6? x 3.7?
814 mm x 243 mm x 94 mm
6.4 lbs.
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