Pearl River Upright Piano UP115M5 Walnut

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UP115M2 Vertical Piano This solid, consistent studio beauty is the perfect choice for students, amateur enthu- siasts and professionals alike. Designed to enhance any home décor, the 115M2 is also a dedicated performer with a sound as rich and compelling as many grand pianos. Sturdy back construction including leg toe blocks and large casters, a maximum soundboard area and an extremely respon- sive action make this piano an unequalled value worthy of consideration by the most demanding musicians. The Pearl River Piano Group Ltd. was established in 1956 and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading piano manufacturers. Today with nearly 4,000 employees and over 3 million square feet of production space, Pearl River has the capacity to manufacture over 100,000 pianos per year. Pearl River is proud to be the first piano factory in China to be awarded the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Control Systems and was also recently awarded ISO 14001 for