Vox Guard VU
Vox Guard VU
Vox Guard VU
Vox Guard VU

Vox Guard VU

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Product Description

Primacoustic VoxGuard VU Nearfield Absorber (Mic Stand) is an acoustic-absorption shield for minimizing room ambience and reflections in project- and professional-recording applications. The VoxGuard VU is made of high-density open-cell acoustic foam and a rigid ABS backing that reduces bass buildup and provides a lightweight, yet sturdy base. The shield features an outlet for a microphone cable and will mount onto any microphone stand using the included threaded mic-stand adapter, knurled ring, and extension bar. Use the VoxGuard while recording vocalists and musicians in control rooms, around other musicians or to minimize noise during field recording and podcasts.

  • Controls ambient space around the mic
  • Creates intimate sound field
  • Delivers cleaner, more articulated voice track
  • Allows you to add ambience as needed
  • Great for recording vocals in studio control rooms
  • Excels at isolating instrument microphones in studios
  • For podcasts and field recordings

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