Steiner Grand Piano with Self Play GP-152W 789082

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Brand: Steiner
Type: Grand Piano
No.: GP-152
Volume: 1.6 CBM
Color: Black
Action: LUO Solid Wood Action
Strings: Japan Suzuki String/German Roslau String
Hammer: German FFW/Abel Hammer
Felt: Australian Organic Pure Wool
Pedal: Three Pedals(Wooden Or Metal Pedal System)
Package: Wooden Box/Carton With Pallet On The Bottom
Dimension: 1520*1500*1020 Mm/ 59.84*59.06*40.16 Inch/ 4.99*4.92*3.35 Feet
Gross Weight: 355 KG
Keyboard: Ebony Black Keys, LUO Solid Wood Spruce Keyboard, Weight Balance Leaded Technology
Pinblock: German Dehonit/19 Ply Hard Maple Pinblock
Soundboard: German Strunz/Canada Solid Spruce Soundboard
Iron Frame: Sand Casting Frame

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