Hard rock acoustic sk4020 black

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The Cajon SK 4020 surprises with its innovative design and unique acoustic design, in addition to adding the beauty of design to the various finishing options.

The Strike line was developed as an entry line for music students who want a more affordable Cajon but without losing the timbre and bold look. The choice of woods is of utmost importance for Cajon quality and identity has always been FSA's main focus. After much research, the ideal wood was found: Sumaúma, which sums up the brand with the sounds and timbres it produces.

Varnished, lacquered, waxed, prismatic or customized instruments. The color and design possibilities are endless. The FSA Cajons were the first to have a unique internal or external dual pickup system added to the instrument. This system guarantees high quality to the Cajon and gives musicians, technicians, and studios, amateurs or professionals, a great differential: versatility.

Carefully crafted, the finish of the FSA Cajons became the "icing on the cake" for the instrument. As our Elite and Design series prove, this is an accurate and detailed procedure. The skins can be waxed or seri engraved, giving a special touch to all FSA models.