Cajon FSA elite fe3303 vinho brown
Cajon FSA elite fe3303 vinho brown

Cajon FSA elite fe3303 vinho brown

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The Cajon FSA Elite Electric - FE 3303 Wine has an inclined design that facilitates the mastery of the instrument, dual pickup that guarantees a clean and full sound, and it also has a 24-wire mat with a 4mm resonance head that reproduces the timbres of bass drum and snare with impeccable sound.

In addition, this Cajon is made of 15mm kapok, finished in matte black and natural wood and accented in E.V.A. to provide comfort even over long periods.

The FSA Cajons were the first to have a unique internal or external dual pickup system added to the instrument. This system guarantees high quality to the Cajon and gives musicians, technicians, and studios, amateurs or professionals, a great differential: versatility.

Carefully crafted, the finish of the FSA Cajons became the "icing on the cake" for the instrument. As our Elite and Design series prove, this is an accurate and detailed procedure. The skins can be waxed or seri engraved, giving a special touch to all FSA models.

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