Digitech Multi Effects Guitar Processor RP1000

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More than a multi-effects processor, the RP1000 features a switchable, external stompbox loop as well as an external amp loop that enables the RP1000 to easily connect and control external gear. The RP1000 also features an Amp/Cabinet bypass button that removes the RP1000’s internal amplifiers and cabinet effects leaving only the RP1000’s internal stompboxes and effects or 200 individual pedalboards.

The RP1000 offers over 160 internal stompboxes, effects, amps and cabinets including the famous DigiTech® Whammy™. The RP1000 is also built for the stage with heavy-duty cast metal chassis, and 14 metal plunger switches.

To top off the RP1000, a 20-second phrase looper allows the user to easily record, and overdub tracks for one-man band performances, writing and practicing. Control of the full-time phrase looper can be expanded with DigiTech’s optional FS3X optional foot controller.