Edgware Bore Oil
Edgware Bore Oil
Edgware Bore Oil

Edgware Bore Oil

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Made from all-natural ingredients, and is free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums.
Made from pure flower oils, including lavender grown in England.
The hydrophilic properties of these oils allow the wood to breathe whilst moisturising the fibres.
Suitable for all wooden clarinet, oboes, bassoons, recorders, and bagpipes.
Inhibits cracking and warping.
Will also improve the tone of your instrument over time.
A fantastic alternative to the commonly used linseed oil, which forms a hard coating inside the bore of instruments, preventing the wood from reacting naturally to temperature and humidity changes.
Suitable for all musicians, regardless of age or ability. Professionals and students alike who care about their wooden instrument and our planet will be delighted with this bore oil.
Made, designed, and packaged in the UK.
Comes in a recyclable PET bottle, inside a compostable Nature-Flex bag made from wood pulp, with a label made from 100% recycled content in the EU, and twine made in the UK.
How to use our bore oil:
Apply a small amount of oil to a dry swab.
Pull it through your instrument gently.
Hold your instrument up to the light to check there is a slight sheet throughout.
Place the cloth in a sealed bag or pot to use for next time…we don’t like waste around here!