Evans Damping for Toms & Snare Mini-EMAD
Evans Damping for Toms & Snare Mini-EMAD

Evans Damping for Toms & Snare Mini-EMAD

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A deceptively simple damping device based on solid acoustical principles.

The Min-EMAD consists of a fabric bridge that links the resonant head with the relatively inert, metal counterhoop. When attached by Velcro dots to both head and rim, the Min-EMAD removes overtones by controlling the vibration of the head.

With absolute minimal intrusion on the batter (or the resonant) surface, the result is a focused, unchoked tone. For minimal overtone reduction, the Min-EMAD can be attached to the head close to the rim; for increased damping, it may be positioned further from the rim.

Maximum damping is achieved when the Min-EMAD is extended to its full length or used on both the batter and resonant heads.

Package of 6, consisting of 2 of each size (small, medium, and large).