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Drummers who swear by calfskin heads for jazz and classic rock have another option in the Evans '56 Calftone series. These synthetic drumheads have the look, feel, and sound of real calfskin, yet they offer the modern innovations Evans is known for - Level 360 collars for better seating on bearing edges and weather resistance for a stabler tone. And at just 7-mil thick, Evans '56 Calftone heads are more sensitive than even the thinnest hide heads. Evans tested its '56 Calftone heads against countless calfskin heads to ensure their authenticity, and Sweetwater is sure drummers across the board will enjoy grooving to their classic tones.

Evans celebrates its 60th year in the industry with the debut of its '56 Calftone series. It's hard to believe that only 60 years ago, drummers had no other options than calfskin and rawhide. But Chick Evans and company helped change modern music forever by making synthetic drumheads available to the masses. These today include the popular G2 and EMAD heads for drum sets and Tri-Center heads for world percussion. Sweetwater is proud to stand behind the Evans' name by providing its innovative drumheads to our customers. Happy anniversary, Evans!

Evans '56 Calftone 12" Drumhead Features:
Looks, sounds, and feels like real calfskin
Synthetic, so it won't weather
Great for jazz to classic rock
Thin 7-mil film is sensitive and resonant
Classic Evans logo looks sensational
Level 360 collar sits balanced at every point on the drum's edge for better tone and tuning
Tested against calfskin heads in the studio for authenticity
Tech Specs
Batter/Resonant: Batter
Size: 12"
Thickness: 7mil (1-ply)
Manufacturer Part Number: TT12C7