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Joyo R-145

JOYO Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal 9 Modes R-14

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Product Description:

On the JOYO Reverb pedal you will find the controls of MIX, DECAY and TONE.  We also added in a Modulation effects depth control dedicated for adding in some addititional time and modulation effects to a few of the reverbs available.

A unique feature of the Atmosphere reverb pedal is the TRAIL function switch, this is for switching on, or off the Trail function. The trail allows the effect tone to fade out and sound much more natural between switching the pedal on and off. So you decide how you want it, you can opt for a natural fade, or fast cut off.

You can use the Reverb on more than just electric guitar, use the reverb effect on acoustic guitar, classic guitar, bass guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards & synths. You name it this pedal creates the atmosphere you want, simulating a small room to being trapped inside a trailing comet.