M-Audio M-Track Duo Audio Interface MTRACKDUO
M-Audio M-Track Duo Audio Interface MTRACKDUO
M-Audio M-Track Duo Audio Interface MTRACKDUO
M-Audio M-Track Duo Audio Interface MTRACKDUO

M-Audio M-Track Duo Audio Interface MTRACKDUO

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With the M-Audio M-Track Duo in your studio, making music is easier than
ever before. The M-Track Duo comes equipped with two TRS/XLR combination
Crystal preamps to facilitate exceptional recordings. While Sweetwater
certainly loves the sound of the Crystal preamps, the M-Track Duo’s DI and
versatile switching captures the pure signal of all your line- and
instrument-level sources. What’s more, its ultra-compact footprint makes the Duo
the perfect interface for creators who need to throw it in their laptop bag and
dash out the door. Plus, the M-Audio M-Track Duo includes bundled software, so
you can start recording immediately.

M-Audio M-Track Duo Bundled
software helps you hit the ground runing

M-Track Duo includes bundled software so you can start making music
right off the bat. You get two DAWs for tracking, mixing, and mastering; Pro
Tools | First M-Audio Edition and MPC Beats. You’ll love how quickly and easily
MPC Beats helps you dial in great-sounding beats for your next project. You
also get 20 plug-ins from Avid, the company behind Pro Tools. Finally, Xpand!2
and Eleven Lite offer capable virtual synthesis and amp emulation. In short,
the M-Audio M-Track Duo has enough software to fit the needs of any creator.

Direct Monitor function
provides latency-free input monitoring

The M-Audio M-Track Duo audio interface’s 3-way output switch lets you
monitor however you want. Direct Stereo and Direct Mono modes offer
zero-latency monitoring of your inputs, letting you experience your performance
clearly, with no delay or lag in the returning signal. USB monitoring lets you
hear all the plug-ins and processing as you’re progressing through a track.

Take it anywhere

If you’re on the move and want to keep your audio equipment close at
hand, you need the M-Track Duo. It has a streamlined form factor that makes it
easy to slip into a travel bag or backpack. The durable construction will
withstand light wear on the way to and from your destination. M-Audio M-Track
Duo is ready for a lifetime of recording, whether you’re in your studio, hotel
room, living room, or anywhere between.

M-Audio M-Track Duo
2-channel USB Audio Interface Features:

2-in/2-out 2-channel USB
interface for Mac and PC

Combo inputs let you
connect any mic, instrument, or line-level source

Crystal preamps help your
mics sound better than ever

Advanced A/D converters
faithfully capture the emotion of your performances

Switchable +48V phantom
power feeds studio condenser microphones

USB/Direct Mono/Direct
Stereo switch tailors your monitoring output

Headphone output with
independent level control

Includes bundled software