NUX Electronic Drum Kit - DM 5S
NUX Electronic Drum Kit - DM 5S

NUX Electronic Drum Kit - DM 5S

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  • Solid metal drum stand offers a sturdy four leg design
  • Improved ball-clamp snare and cymbal mounts for fast, flexible component placement
  • More than 300 sounds
  • Cou can set the phase effect, volume and trigger curve parameters
  • Can record and save your performance while you are playing
  • 20 demo songs
  • Can mute the drum track while practicing
  • You can playback MIDI files in a SD card
  • Speakers and drum throne not included


Brand Nux
Type Drum Sets
Model Number Nux DM-5
Color Black
Drum pads Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Kick
Cymbals Crash1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat
Maximum Polyphony 64 voices
Display Custom (backlit LCD)
Instruments 232
Drum Kits 50 (User: 25, Factory: 25)
Songs 20
Recording 10
Click Sound Editable (Sound, Tempo, Rhythm Type, Beat, Volume)
Capacity SD card
Triggers Three Tom2, Snare, Hi-Hat, Two Crash, Ride, Bass
Interfaces Headphones, USB MIDI, SD card, AUX IN, OUTPUTS
Power Supply AC Adaptor (DC 9V)
Details This electronic drum kit is great for players of all levels

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