Roland Guitar Effects CH-1(T)
Roland Guitar Effects CH-1(T)

Roland Guitar Effects CH-1(T)

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The BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus pedal offers up classic clean and shimmering chorus tones - it's arguably the best-selling chorus pedal on the planet, and a stellar pick for any guitarist or keyboardist. The CH-1's four onboard controls let you take charge of your chorus sound - there are effect level, EQ, rate, and depth controls. Crank up the rate for a dizzying psychedelic twist - or, pull back the rate, turn up the depth, and use the BOSS CH-1 in stereo for a lush, wide wave. FEATURES
Effect Level, EQ, Rate, and Depth controls
Input Impedance: 1 Mohms
Output Impedance: 10 Kohms or greater
Residual Noise Level: -95dBu (IHF-A, Typ.)
Connectors: Input Jack, Output Jack A (mono)/ B, AC Adapter Jack (DC 9V)
Power Supply: 9V DC, either a Dry Battery 9V type or an AC Adapter
Current Draw: 22 mA (DC 9V)
Accessories: Dry Battery 9V type
Optional AC Adapter - Roland PSA-120S
2-7/8" W x 5-1/8" D x 2-3/8" H
Weight: 15 oz