Aroma Music Co. Ltd. is based in Shenzhen, China's electronic development and manufacturing capital. Their company focuses on the production and research of high-quality digital music devices and musical accessories.

The existing items are divided into two categories. Tuners, metronomes, metro tuners, capo, instruments stand, and hand exerciser grip are among the musical accessories available under the brand name 'AROMA,' with more to come.

Under the brand name 'TOM'S LINE ENGINEERING,' another line of musical electronic items is available, which includes a variety of guitar and bass effect pedals, as well as several guitar amps. Their current and future products are meant to help students and seasoned musicians’ study and play better by providing the greatest tools available.

Aroma Music is made up of a youthful, committed, creative, and motivated group of people. We feel that delivering a high-quality product is crucial to our success. At every point of our supply chain, this belief is critical. Design, research, and development are all part of the process, as are production, sales, and service.

We urge you to join our team and experience the quality and enthusiasm that our company and goods offer.They offer a diverse product line. Electronic drums, wireless systems, guitar amps, effect pedals, metros or tuners, and a variety of other musical equipment have all been featured. Their products are also up to the standards of the music industry. They are of high grade.