De Salvo


Domenico De Salvo – together with his family – has dedicated himself over the years to the study of quality products, distinguishing himself in particular in the production of instrument strings, his flagship product. The De Salvo name is a guarantee of the highest standards. The excellent history of this brand  convinced Proel to give full support regarding the heritage ,values ​​and craftsmanship.

Targets? Keep the name De Salvo high (behind which there is a lot of passion and a deep attention to detail) and give the brand an innovative impulse and an international momentum. The portfolio is then expanded involving the collaboration of respected professionals in the production stage regarding different lines of stringed instruments and accessories.

Thanks to the support of Proel today De Salvo presents itself on the Italian and international market with a new line of products, in the wake of a history started thirty years ago. Stringed instruments designed and developed in Italy by a close-knit team of professionals led by a passion for music; the same one that had driven Domenico De Salvo from the beginning. The brand can thus boast a staff made up of professional luthiers and musicians able to guarantee the public reliable, quality products, which are designed and manufactured with care.

DE SALVO the strings of your inspiration!