Dynatone Corporation was founded in 1987 and has since evolved to become a renowned electronic musical instrument maker. Korea Electronics Co., LTD's Electronic Musical Instruments Division was the company's first name (KEC). After acquiring LG's digital piano activities in 1996, Dynatone Corporation concentrated on expanding its capacity in order to become a self-contained corporation. The company split from KEC in 2000 to become an industry specialist, and took on the name Dynatone, which was the brand name for KEC's flagship products.

Dynatone Corporation has been producing and selling electronic keyboards, electronic organs, and digital pianos under the flagship brand as well as an original equipment manufacturer since its inception (OEM). In South Korea, the company created the first electronic keyboard instrument.

Dynatone Corporation exported 500,000 electronic keyboards in 1988, only eleven months after the first one was built and shortly after the first shipment to the United States. By 1989, the company had sold over 2 million instruments internationally, and sales have continued to rise steadily since then. Dyntona currently delivers digital pianos to 30 nations across the world.

At KEC, Dynatone was founded as the Electric Instruments Division. In 1987, it became Korea's first producer of electronic musical instruments. Dynatone has continued to develop and produce newer and better items with modern, sophisticated designs since then.

Dynatone's products meet international safety standards such as the CE in Europe, the UL in North America, and the ROHS in the United States. The company's high-quality products are known all throughout the world. It has been selling its products to over 30 nations worldwide since 1998. The company's exports are increasing at a rate of more than 20% every year. Dynatone, a global leader in electric instruments with a 30-year history, continues to set the bar for acoustics and musical instruments. The company continues to provide top-quality percussion instruments, strings, woodwinds, and brasses in addition to premium instruments for professional performers.