Did you know the Pearl River Piano Group owns the world's largest piano factory? The Pearl River factory in Guangzhou, China, exported around 83,000 pianos around the world in 2007, making the brand the world's most popular acoustic piano by unit volume. Pearl River now exports to over 80 countries with a production capacity of over 100,000 pianos per year. Pearl River began with nothing in North America in 1999 and has since grown to become the country's largest dealer network and the fastest-growing piano manufacturer in the United States and Canada. It's a piano success tale that started in 1956 with a small piano factory producing four upright pianos each month.

Many factors have contributed to Pearl River's explosive expansion over the previous 50 years, including China's liberalized economic policies, a Chinese manufacturing tradition, a devoted and trained workforce, and extremely low total production costs. Pearl River has worked hard to improve quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. Machine design and equipment management are the focus of more than 250 engineers and technicians, with different sections dedicated to product design and technology. On every level, the success that has resulted has been tremendous.

The selection and processing of high-quality woods, according to experts, is the key to a high-quality piano. Manchurian Walnut and other hardwoods essential to the production of superb pianos can be collected and processed in large Chinese forest reserves accessible by Pearl River. Pearl River has built a cutting-edge sawmill and lumberyard that turns raw lumber into flawlessly cured and handmade piano components.

The continual excellent quality and international reputation of Pearl River Pianos has resulted in solid connections with famous American, Japanese, and German piano producers. Pearl River factories have worked on cooperative ventures with other leading piano manufacturers and currently produce private label pianos for three of North America's largest piano dealers.

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