Ritmüller began creating pianos in 1795 and quickly became one of the most renowned and inventive names in the industry. Many of the 19th century's most prominent composers became devoted to Ritmüller pianos, notably Johannes Brahms, who frequently performed on one in Göttingen. Pearl River resurrected the Ritmüller name in 2009 by blending traditional European hand workmanship and components with sophisticated CNC technologies to produce a series of instruments with the warm, rich singing tone that marks a world-class piano with a German linage.Ritmüller continues to strive for perfection in design and performance worthy of its reputation today, in the world's most advanced piano factory.

The cornerstone for the development of each Ritmüller model is European piano design. Ritmüller upright and grand pianos are built to the greatest standards, from wet sand-cast iron plates to close-grained solid spruce soundboards, and from German hammers and felt to rock maple bridges and pin-blocks.

Ritmüller is dedicated to conserving and appropriately exploiting natural resources. As proof of this duty, Ritmuller's sustainable production procedures have gained ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 9001 management certification.

Ritmüller offers a diverse selection of pianos, including classical, excellent, and premium models. Ritmüller classical is a beautiful collection of instruments that is the ideal companion for any musical adventure. Ritmüller superior is also designed to deliver the highest level of touch and tone for the ultimate Ritmüller experience. Ritmüller Premium is the ultimate Ritmüller, with its unmistakable design and distinct sound.

Ritmüller supreme and player are remarkable as well because Ritmüller supreme is a fantastic achievement in European design and all-German craftsmanship. Ritmüller Player piano is currently playing an acoustic piano that has been augmented with technology.