From Schnbach, Germany, comes the Sandner line of musical instrument makers. Mr. Franz Sandner created the company in 1924, specialized in the production of violins and guitars. As a result of the divide between east and west in the 1950s, the majority of the family members relocated to the West German town of Nauheim.

The company has been serving the majority of music lovers since 2008, when it introduced August Forster, the European royal piano, to the market.

August Foster is a 160-year-old company. It is one of the few pianos in the piano industry that still uses handicrafts, with a maximum annual output of no more than 300. Each piano is an art boutique in the piano industry. It is the piano that is played by many royal families. It is also the designated piano in the auditorium of the Beijing Political Consultative Conference, demonstrating its nobility and being the pianists' first choice.

In the 1950s, Mr. Franz Sandner's daughter Sonja and his son-in-law Richard Schuh took over the company, introducing various innovative procedures and enhancing the product quality. Dietamr Schuh's third generation joined the company in the 1980s, working with family members to expand the number of pianos, organs, and other musical instrument products sold in over 60 countries across the world. Since then, the company has continuously increased in size.