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Hoshino Gakki, a Japanese musical instrument firm, manufactures and markets Tama Drums, a brand of drum kits and accessories. Tama conducts product development and manufactures its professional and most costly drums in Seto, Japan, while its hardware and less expensive drums are produced in Guangzhou, China. Hoshino has marketing and wholesale distribution offices all around the world. Hoshino (U.S.A.) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, assembles and stocks drums for the American market. Tama's market research and development are also aided by the US affiliate. Buy Tama Drums in Dubai

In 1961, Hoshino Gakki began producing drums under the moniker "Star Drums." [3] The founder's surname, Hoshino, means "star field," which is why the brand name "Star Drums" was chosen. The drums were made by Tama Seisakusho, a subsidiary of Hoshino that was founded in 1962 to produce Ibanez guitars and amplifiers. While guitar and amplifier production had been shifted out of the factory by 1966, drum production continued to expand. Imperial Star and Royal Star, the two higher lines of drum models, were introduced to the American market and were successful low-cost drums competing against more expensive drums.

At the time, Rogers, Ludwig, and Slingerland were all offering drums built in the United States.By 1974, Hoshino had resolved to make a concentrated effort to produce high-quality drums and hardware, and had begun marketing them under the Tama brand. Tama was the owner's wife's name, and it's a homophone for the Japanese word "diamond." To this day, the word "star" is still employed in Tama's drum model names.

In the 1970s, Tama was one of the first firms to offer very heavy-duty hardware and drum mounting solutions that did not protrude into the shell, as did most other models. They also created Octobans, which are tubular drums with a unique design. Octobans have a 6-inch diameter and come in eight various lengths (thus the prefix "octo-") ranging from 200mm to 600mm (23.5 in). Instead of utilizing variable shell widths, they alter the pitch by using different shell lengths.