Tanglewood Guitars
Tanglewood guitars display craftsmanship and characteristics generally reserved for instruments of considerably greater prices, as part of a goal to establish a collection of instruments that would offer exceptional value via classic and contemporary design.

Tanglewood has had success extending out into categories like acoustic basses and banjos, but its true strength and experience are in the acoustic guitar industry. Tanglewood continues to develop and give exceptional value for musicians with their instruments, having been distributed in 60 countries worldwide and being officially acknowledged as the UK's all-time best-selling acoustic guitar brand. Tanglewood's purpose is to inspire and impassion players the world over with their superb craftsmanship and great reliability, whether it's an acoustic bass, a traditional dreadnought, a modern cutaway acoustic guitar equipped with electronics, or a tenor ukulele.

Charged with an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments offering exceptional value and playability, Tanglewood utilized innovative design and both traditional and contemporary manufacturing procedures in order to achieve this goal.

The Tanglewood satin finish has become a design characteristic that is instantly recognised, although there are also several high gloss instruments in the current model selection. Along with our award-winning 6 string acoustic guitars, Tanglewood is now known for its outstanding Ukulele, Classical, Banjo, and Folk Instrument offerings.

Tanglewood continues to develop and offer value despite being distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and winning the Music Industry UK's All Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars title. For example, their current Tiare series delivers high-quality instruments made from exotic woods at a reasonable price.

Whether it's an Acoustic Bass, a Dreadnought Electro, a Single Cut Solid Body Electric, or a Tenor Ukulele, Tanglewood loves to excite and inspire musicians all around the world with impeccable craftsmanship and dependability. Tanglewood always has an instrument to meet your needs, and you can rest assured that a Tanglewood instrument is of high quality.

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