What to Look For When Buying a Used Guitar

The Things You Should Look For When Purchasing a Used Guitar

Whether you're new to the guitar or a seasoned player, there comes a time when you This way, you can research it and get feedback on the guitar you want to buy. You can also check the asking price. Buying a used guitar is easier if you already know a little about the model. Also, if you are a beginner, you might get some best guitar books first, along with a guitar for practice. For price checking, you can check some music stores online or music shops online for better price ideas.

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Here is the complete buying guide for the used guitars:

Find Out The Guitar's Age And Condition

Inquire about the seller's ownership history and any repairs or maintenance. If the seller is honest with you, they will also inform you of any future issues, problems, or scratches. He will also tell you about guitar restoration if needed. 

Examine The Guitar.

How is the guitar? Is it well-maintained? Is it worn-in but still in good shape? Guitars can get scratched and scraped, but the instrument is probably fine if it's only minor scratches—a well-cared-for guitar shows.

Play It

Play an instrument. Bend strings and listen to the sound. Play the full range of guitar sounds. Pay attention to all frets, not just yours. Pay attention to the ones near the soundhole. Ignore the strings. They're probably older. Start with all frets and listen for the ringing or rattling strings. If you hear rattling, it's a broken winding string. Suppose it's not a broken string (metal lines across the guitar neck). It can also be an incorrectly set bridge at the guitar's tailpiece.

Try The Guitar In Your Hands 

Guitars vary in size, shape, depth, and neck width. Holding the guitar correctly allows each arm and hand to move correctly and comfortably. A guitar should "fit" you. While testing it, look for signs of hand and finger fatigue. Some fretboards are too wide for your hand, causing extra stretching and tendinitis. Key to comfort. See some guitar tech along with comfort.

Repairing Dings and Cracks

Examine the guitar for scratches, cracks, and chips. Small cracks are fine, but watch out for cracks that go through the finish to the wood. A deep finish crack indicates separating seams in the body, whether solid, semi-hollow or hollow. Structural damage is costly to fix for either acoustic guitar repair or electric guitar repair. So carefully check the damages.


Check for rust on the hardware that holds the strings and pickups, not on the strings and fret bars, easily repaired. Reconsider your purchase if there is any rust because guitar maintenance is most important if you are looking for a used guitar.

See Action

A guitar's action refers to how close the strings are to the fretboard from the head to the bridge. Higher action makes a guitar more difficult to play, while lower action makes it easier on the hands but may not sound as meaty. A good guitar has a consistent gap between the strings and the fretboard. The guitar's action can be adjusted at your local music store.

Fretboard Problems

Inspect the frets. String wear dents or divots can be costly to repair or replace. The neck should be consistent from the first to the last fret, and the truss rod should be adjustable. In contrast, a roller coaster track in the neck will require a lot of work to correct. Excessive forwards or backward bowing indicate a misaligned truss rod, but it could also indicate a stripped or broken rod. It's not easy to replace a truss rod.


The neck of a guitar is vital in maintaining the tension required to keep the strings in tune. The first step is to inspect the neck visually. Also, the check is there a guitar bridge repair is needed or not. Look down the neck from the headstock, away from the guitar body. A guitar neck should be nearly straight, with some bowing acceptable. The neck joint should be flush with the body of the guitar. Damaged guitar necks can show up in other parts of the guitar, like the saddle and bridge. If a saddle and bridge have been lowered to their lowest point, the guitar's neck will likely need to be reset.


Many used guitars will require repairs or setup. Buying a guitar that needs some work isn't always a bad thing, as long as you end up winning. After thoroughly inspecting a used guitar, get a repair estimate from a qualified repair tech or luthier. When buying a used guitar, don't let "cheap" fool you. Cheap shouldn't be a factor. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. As I said earlier, you can check the music store online or music shop online for a better price range idea before going to any shop physically.


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