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YAMAHA Grand Piano G3 (Renewed)

barcode: 6677245100

سعر عادي AED 69,989 سعر البيع

AED 53,350

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This Yamaha G3 Used Grand Piano is at 183 cm long a professional sized grand piano that produces very high standards of sound and performance.

The Yamaha G3 hosts a number of Yamaha technical innovations that see this grand piano produce a very high standard of sound and quality of performance. The stringing system of the piano is fitted with agraffes, a component that sees the string vibrate for longer duration maximising the pianos sustain and tone properties. The Yamaha G3 Grand Piano is also fitted with the duplex scaling system that see the piano produce rich harmonics and volume. The action of the Yamaha G3 is Yamaha's famous playing action, built on aluminium action rails with parts that provide accurate and precise repetition.