Buying A Drum Kit For Beginners

Interested in playing the drums and buying a new kit? You’ve come to the right place. The Melodica Music Store is your best resource for new and used drum kits in Dubai, as well as information on what to buy. In this article we will tell you what to look for when buying a drum kit as a beginner.  

Buying a new drum set is super exciting, especially when you’re a beginner and have so much to learn. With drums, there are many different pieces of your kit and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what kind of set to start off with. Starting off with the right kit for your skill level, style, and goals will make playing it much more enjoyable. 

Anatomy Of A Drum Kit  
The most basic drum kit you will come across is the five-piece drum kit. It has five pieces (who would've guessed?) which are the snare, kick drum, floor tom, and two rack toms. This doesn’t include any cymbals, which you’ll have to accessorize your kit with. But don’t worry, pretty much every drum kit you buy usually comes with cymbals. There are smaller kits that use just a kick drum and snare, and loads of other types of kits. You’ll probably come across the five-piece most often which is the most common and versatile drum kit.  

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Acoustic Vs Electronic  
We recommend a five-piece drum kit for beginners as it is extremely versatile and has all of the pieces you’ll need to cover an array of styles. Be aware that a five-piece kit can take up a lot of space and some pieces might even move while you’re playing. Acoustic kits can also be a bit more expensive when you want to add more cymbals or different parts. However, a lot of drummers prefer acoustic kits simply for the feeling of the real drum skins and sound they produce.  
If space is an issue, you can look into electronic drum kits, which save space and are easy to transport. You can also wear headphones while playing an electronic kit, which means you won’t have to worry about being too loud or waking up your neighbors. We also offer electronic drum kits in Dubai, which may be a better option for you depending on your situation and space. Electronic drum kits are also very versatile and come built in with hundreds or even thousands of different sounds, tones, and drum types.  
Choosing Wood Types  
For an acoustic set, wood type matters. You’ll find drum kits made of maple, birch, or mahogany. Each of these woods produces a different sound and you might have a preference for a certain one depending on the sound you’re going for. Maple is quite resonant and sounds bright but warm. Birch has a strong low end punch and will give you great attack and darker tones. Mahogany has really smooth mid range frequencies that deliver a good punch with plenty of attack. We recommend that you play tons of different drum kits made of different woods to figure out which one you like the best.  
These are the basic factors you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing your new drum set. If you need more information, the Melodica Music Store is glad to help. We are the leading drum shop in Dubai and have a great selection of kits for any player. You can try out any of the drums in our selection to find the perfect one for you.  

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