Different Types of Digital Piano Keyboards

Different Types of Digital Piano Keyboards - Blog

Finding the best keyboard piano can take time because many different versions are available nowadays. The selection of keyboards and digital pianos is broad due to the market size. The many sizes, features, and activities can be challenging for the first-time buyer. But understanding the various possibilities will help you choose a keyboard appropriate for your needs. To suit your needs, you can pick the best features and functions. All of them, from synthesizers to MIDI keyboards to stage pianos used by professionals, are suitable for various approaches and playing styles.


Digital Piano

The first type of keyboard piano is a classical digital piano, available in three configurations: grand, upright, and portable. Because of its high portability, versatility, and affordability, the portable piano is the most popular digital piano.

The portable digital piano is the family's most portable and reasonably priced option. Regarding size and appearance, upright and grand pianos resemble acoustic grand and upright pianos. However, the absence of strings and hammers for sound production makes the digital versions more portable and simpler to maintain.

Compared to traditional counterparts, digital equivalents are easier to move because they weigh less. These may also have 88 black and white keys, but they don't use strings or hammers to make a sound. Instead, they simulate the sound of the acoustic piano using computer chips and analog sensors for keyboard action. The 128-voice polyphony, demo songs, midi recorder, lesson function, several ports for simple computer connectivity, and other great features vary depending on the piano brand. Sound. Buy Digital Piano in Dubai at Melodica Music Store in UAE or from our piano store in dubai.


Digital Keyboard Workstations

The music industry has significantly benefited from keyboard workstations. You can simultaneously record and play music using their functionalities. There are numerous types to pick from, and the prices vary naturally. The keyboard workstation is a flexible, all-purpose instrument that may be used for live performances, music production, and songwriting.

It is merely an upgraded electric piano that features arpeggiators, sequencers, and a variety of keyboard sounds and effects. It can also serve as a computer interface because it has built-in audio and MIDI recording capability.

Keyboard workstations are outfitted with strong sound engines to achieve all of this. This enables various sounds like keyboard arranger, and high-quality core sounds akin to those of a digital piano. They may offer professional players acoustic piano sounds, electric piano tones, and more. They can be excellent stage instruments and the primary music workstation in recording studios.

Workstation keyboards have various keyboard configurations available. Some have keys with synth movement, while others have keyboards that feel more like those on an acoustic piano. Buy Music Keyboards in UAE at Melodica Music Store.

The workstation keyboard is difficult to top because it offers many options for creating, arranging, recording, and writing music. With no interruptions, its workflow balances the variety of multi-artist projects and the scale of computer-based productions, all without the troublesome logistics and coordination.



Synthesizer keyboards, which have been around for a while, are great for modifying sounds, stacking effects, and producing original sounds. With their digital or analog processing capabilities, synths are frequently utilized to produce unique sounds and beats for performances and recording studios.

The complex machinery of the sound synthesizer creates wave shapes before modifying them in strength, duration, frequency, and timbre, following the composer's or musician's preferences. As a result, synthesizers may create sounds much more varied and versatile than traditional musical instruments.

Since experts use synthesizers to produce original sounds and soundtracks, they demand significant musical expertise and experience. They include the other keyboards' cutting-edge networking, data transfer, and storage features. The libraries of these instruments frequently include prerecorded piano sounds, although overall, the instrument is more suited for a professional. 


Arranger Keyboard

Arranger keyboards are made for solo performers who wish to have a portable keyboard on stage to play various sounds and instruments. With a variety of tones and auto-accompaniment options, arranger keyboards are incredibly versatile.

Comparatively speaking, arranger keyboards have more functionality than standard keyboards. They have a more excellent selection of prerecorded backing tracks in various musical genres, including indie rock, reggae, traditional country, techno, etc. Like the standard keyboard, arrangers provide a USB connector for storing music on a memory drive or computer. Furthermore, arrangers have access to a greater selection of previously recorded background accompaniment recordings that can be used to give your compositions a jazz, rock, Latin, or any other type of mood. Buy Arranger Music Keyboards in UAE and avail discounts only at Melodica Music Store

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