Singing Vs. Playing Instruments – Which is Better?

In this era of creativity and skills, everyone wants to be different from others. Some people take singing as the best way to relax their nerves, while others opt to play instruments. It isn’t easy to decide whether singing or playing instruments is better.

Do you know which is better for singing and playing instruments? The answer to this question relies upon many facts, as one can be better for you but not others. Here, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of singing and playing instruments to help you choose the right one.


Singing is a fascinating skill in creating a melodious voice by practicing your vocals. Many students opt for singing as a passion, while others feel reluctant to sing in public. If you think the following points support you, singing is better for you.


Stop worrying about whether it’s good for you and enjoy the following advantages of singing.

Boosts Your Confidence: Singing needs great courage and confidence. Unfortunately, not everyone can speak in public with clarity. If you are passionate about singing but hesitate due to public fear, practice your vocals and step ahead for singing. Doing so will take your confidence to an outstanding level.

Makes You Mentally Active: Regular singing effectively improves your mental health. As singing is an aerobic activity, it increases blood circulation. The more oxygen is available to your mind tissues, the more alert it is. Moreover, it has an important role in enhancing the memories of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Reduces Your Stress Level: If you undergo stress, even in minor situations, you should work on lowering your stress level. This is possible with singing which releases chemicals and hormones like endorphins to keep you happy. Stay happy, energetic, and lively by singing your favorite songs.

Brings Freedom of Vocal Music: Unlike playing instruments, singing offers freedom of music. You don’t need to use instruments like guitar, piano, or violin to create euphonious music. Your voice flexibility is excellent for producing music of any kind. Invest your time practicing different vocals' reverberations to create an inspiring sound.

Comes in Budget-friendly Rate: One of the greatest advantages of singing is its cheap rates. You need no expensive instruments like guitars and violins. To play an instrument, you must invest a huge amount before doing anything. While singing, you only need to hone your musical skills and start singing in your beautiful voice.


Despite the fascinating benefits of singing, some drawbacks are unignorable. Here are a few disadvantages of singing:

Age: Singing efficiency deteriorates in old age because of slumbers in voice. However, playing an instrument is a life skill that does not deteriorate with age.

Single Note: Another drawback of singing is that you cannot play multiple notes simultaneously, unlike the piano. You can only play a single note at a time.

Playing Instruments

Playing instruments is also a way to create sensational music. Some instruments produce sound through the base, while others through chords and arpeggio. Playing instruments is the right choice if you want to produce music but cannot speak. You only need to get an amazing piano, guitar, violin, or any instrument of your choice and practice.

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Let’s explore some potential benefits and disadvantages of playing instruments:

Advantages of Playing Instruments

Some benefits of playing instruments rather than singing are:

Easy for Everyone: Once you buy a musical instrument, no one can hamper your path in music composition. If a person has a bad voice, he cannot sing, but playing instruments are appropriate for everyone. You need professional training, practice, and patience to play violin-like instruments.

Supports Multiple Notes: One of the amazing benefits of playing musical instruments is it can create multiple notes. Vocal cords are specific to produce a particular sound at a time. However, you can create multiple notes by pressing, plucking, or reverberating the guitar, piano, and violin strings.

Enhances Your Patience Level: You can never be a great instrumentalist in a day, week, or month. You need consistency, patience, and dedication to learn this skill of playing a particular instrument. It will, in turn, help you strengthen your memory.

Makes You More Creative: With regular practice of making your music perfect, your creativity will increase. No song can reach the horizon of success without creativity. Add special notes to make your composed music playlist spectacular from others.

Improves Time Management Skills: As learning the skill of playing an instrument is not a piece of cake, you cannot master it overnight. It depicts you need focus, time, and dedication to learn music. Continue taking baby practice steps in music daily to manage and organize your tasks for the composition of great music.


The biggest drawback of playing musical instruments is its high cost. Never pick up an instrument blindly. Firstly, you need to explore all kinds of instruments to select one. Once you pick up an instrument, you need mastery, classes, practice, and rehearsals for months to be a great musician.

Another drawback of using instruments is it’s not possible to carry your piano-like tools all the time with you. However, you can sing a song anywhere, any time, without needing accessories.

Is it better to sing or play instruments?

One is good in one way and the other in another way. The right choice depends upon your passion and interest. Whether you be an instrumentalist or a singer, you need consistent struggle. Both things create an amazing environment alone.

This comparison is baseless. Does it make sense to compare oranges with apples? Obviously, no. Then how does it make sense to compare singing with playing instruments? Just focus on your desire and choose the right one for you.

Summing Up

In short, it depends upon whether singing or playing an instrument is better for you. Some singers switch to music to create a harmonious environment, while some instrumentalists switch to singing to express their feelings. If you are looking for a  reliable musical instrument, visit Melodica Music Store. Also, feel free to visit their instrumental store in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.


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