Top 5 Travel-Friendly Musical Instruments

Play guitar while travelling

While travelling you want to take advantage of all chances to perform as a musician. We have made a list of the best portable instruments you can bring on your trip because it is awkward and rather ludicrous to move around with a large instrument if you visit various locations worldwide.


Some guitarists can’t leave their guitars at home, so they constantly take them when they go somewhere. If you absolutely must bring a guitar, the Martin Backpacker has a good sound, is reasonably priced, and is easy to play. If adventurous, you could always take a chance with a hostel guitar. To choose whatever instrument to bring, you must consider how you travel. Get a hard-top guitar case if you plan to bring an acoustic guitar. When traveling, your acoustic guitar is considerably better protected. Take Guitar lesson from Melodica Music Center


The ukulele is a reasonably portable instrument because of its size and design, making it perfect for travel and comfort. A ukulele is an excellent option because it resembles a guitar and is played similarly. In addition to being small, the ukulele is a relatively simple instrument to learn. The ukulele only has four strings as opposed to the standard acoustic guitars six, which makes learning chords much simpler. In addition, the ukulele has a particular case made just for carrying it. Ukuleles are the ideal instrument for travelers to carry with them. Ukulele classes in dubai


The harmonica, commonly called a mouth organ, is pocket-sized and practically weightless. Learning it is straightforward. Since your breath is used to play the instrument, you must learn to control your breathing.

You might immediately picture street performers when you think of harmonicas. Since it fits in your jacket pocket and produces a strong sound, it's perfect for performances while you're moving around. There are many types of harmonicas, which is fantastic since you may bring several on your trip without anyone noticing.


Due to its compactness, the mandolin is a portable instrument. The mandolin, which has four double and eight total strings, is frequently played with a plectrum. The mandolin is more challenging to learn than string instruments, like the ukulele. The proximity of the double strings makes it more challenging. Once you have it, though, it's a gorgeous and enjoyable instrument to play.


Although melodica is undoubtedly not the most romantic instrument available, it makes an excellent melody instrument for solos. A few jazz players who were improvising wildly on melodicas have since changed how I perceive this instrument. This peculiar instrument has a miniature piano-like appearance, and it is played by blowing into a reed and pressing down on the keys. Piano students will love hearing familiar compositions changed by the melodica, despite its somewhat constrained range, and it may be a terrific, portable tool for practicing reading music. Buy Guitars, Ukulele and other music instruments in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain from Melodica Music Store.


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