Cherub Technology Co., Ltd. owns three brands, one of which is NUX.NUX made its debut in the industry in 2006. NUX features a vast choice of analogue and digital goods to fit any musical genre, whether you're a professional singer-songwriter, a hobbyist, a weekend warrior, or the next big thing.

They are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve their products and provide exceptional customer service. We are as enthusiastic about making our products as people who utilize them to create.The overall quality of NUX pedals is superior to that of other manufacturers in the industry. Although they may be pricey for some, most customers are satisfied with their purchase since they believe NUX's items are worthwhile.

There are far too many pedals, both digital and analogue, to describe in detail here. In summary, they have everything you need, and the quality is on par with any of the industry leaders. Their quality is comparable to, if not superior to, that of any of the "known" pedal/effects manufacturers.

The technology is cutting-edge, or you could say it meets the needs of artists and musicians. They include a powerful wireless stereo modelling amplifier as well as a remote modelling plug. Their gigantic plug, with its many effects, modelling amplifier, and impulse Response (IR) cabinet models, is unquestionably a useful silent play gear for both guitarists and bassists.