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With the expanding world of e-commerce, everything is being sold and bought online. Various online musical instrument stores are reliable and affordable. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a product from an online store is that the product gets delivered to your doorstep. Also, buying music instruments online is quite convenient and you can enjoy free delivery in the UAE.

Hundreds of thriving businesses deal in new and used musical gear and are improving rapidly to compete with the expanding retail market. All retailers must keep track of their customer services, return policies, shipping, and reviews to ensure they are well-liked and preferred.

Melodica as Affordable Musical Instrument Retailer

Melodica is one of the largest musical instrument retailers in the UAE. Our online shop is known for its highest quality affordable products. We deal in various musical instruments, including guitars, violins, pianos, keyboards, drums, pro audio, studio, recording equipment, used pianos, music books, and musical instrument accessories.

Melodica offers various brands of authentic musical instruments, including Tama, Majestic, Adams, Ibanez, Sandner, Schumann, and many more. You can place an order now and get free delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Melodica has thrived over the years to serve the music-lovers in the region for years and dealing in branded products due to its reliability and exceptional products. They also offer instrument repair and tuning services.

What Melodica Offers?

Some affordable musical instruments offered by this largest musical instrument retailer in Dubai includes:


Melodica has everything that a piano admirer could ever dream of. This online store has every  type of piano, from digital and upright pianos to luxurious grand pianos. These are among the highest quality instruments you will get in the region and are also available at the best prices.

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Guitars are one of the most widely played musical instruments, and Melodica ensures you get the highest quality one within your budget. They deal in all guitars, including classic, electric, acoustic, bass, and Ukulele. So, you can browse through the wide variety of guitars available at our online store and choose your favorite one.

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If you are a fan of typical string musical instruments, you can get your violin, oud, or cello from our website. Our store is a dream come true for every music lover out there. Just analyze your liking and requirements and choose the equipment you like the best.

Used Musical Instruments

If you do not have enough money to invest in a new musical instrument, you don’t have to worry as Melodica also offers used pianos and guitars. You can get your favorite musical instrument for as good as one-fourth the price of new equipment.

By offering efficient used musical instruments, Melodica Music Store is the topmost priority in the UAE. So, if you want to shop musical instruments online in Dubai or surrounding areas, shop now and enjoy free delivery in UAE.


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