10 Interesting Facts About the Piano


Musicians love to play new musical tunes from different musical instruments. A piano is one of such fascinating musical instruments which are admired by everyone. If you want to feel the essence of playing classical music on the Piano, this “King of instruments'' is perfect to play any music on it.

The fact is that the piano has been a great contributor to classical and modern music since its creation. No matter which type of piano you pick, it’s a great addition to your home accessories.

Here are 10 interesting facts that are extraordinarily amazing to know about the piano.

10 Interesting Facts about Piano

1- Origin of Piano

Piano’s origin dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Bartolomeo Cristofori presented the first piano to the world by the Italian name “Piano et forte” in 1707. Piano et Forte was playable in both soft and strong tunes as its name depicts: Piano means soft and forte means strong.

2- Encompassness in Classical Orchestra

Among all the musical instruments, the piano is the only one whose range encompasses classical orchestra.

3- Keyboard Harmony

Keyboard Harmony is a piano portion that elucidates harmony by explaining how chords move and progress. As knowing grammar is the basic framework of English, knowing harmony is fundamental for piano music. Using 88 keys of the piano to play different tunes develops a musical rhythm and harmony in the surroundings. It means a piano player must be knowledgeable about the piano's keyboard.

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4- Tool of Romanticism

During the 18 and 19 centuries, the piano was represented as a tool of musical romanticism.

5- World’s Largest Piano

Challen Concert Grand is the world’s largest piano which is 11 feet long. The amazing thing is this giant piano weighs more than one ton. Its chords and strings can withstand the pressure and weight of 30 tons.

6- Popular Piano Brands

The most popular and influential brands of the piano are Boston, Essex Piano, Schumann, Steinway and Sons, Karl Steinhoff, Petrof, The One, Shigeru Kawai, Steiner and Yamaha.

7- Influential Piano Composers

Frederic Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are the most influential piano composers. For better composing, you need to maintain your piano. Read 10 tips to maintain your piano to keep it in a new condition for a long time.

8- Grand Piano is Faster Than Upright

You can play the piano faster with a grand piano as the upright piano has a lower speed. It’s because of the repetition lever in the grand piano. The Grand piano starts repeating notes even when the keys are halfway. An upright piano takes vertical action for repeating and resetting.

9- Most Expensive Piano

Canadian manufacturer Heintzman Pianos designed the most expensive as well as a beautiful musical instrument. It was played by Chinese pianist Lang Lang during the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 in front of an audience for the first time. This fascinating transparent piano is known as “Crystal Piano” which was sold for $3.22 million at an auction.

10- First Choice of Concert Pianists

Concert pianists usually choose Steinway D-274 to compose the most beautiful and harmonious tunes.

Wrap Up!

The piano is an excellent musical instrument with a long and interesting history. After going through the facts stated above, we are sure that you will develop a keen interest in playing the piano. If you want to buy a piano, then must visit our store Melodica Music Store to buy a Piano in Dubai. Also, we do delivery all over UAE. We offer Grand, Upright, and Digital Pianos

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