Essex Piano

The ESSEX upright piano was built in the spirit of the STEINWAY history by STEINWAY & SONS in partnership with famous furniture designer William Faber. It is a testament to the belief that beautiful piano styles and finishes can and should be achievable in every price range. ESSEX will be a wonderful addition to your house with its graceful traditional styling and museum-quality workmanship. The instrument comes in a variety of types, sizes, and veneers to suit any decor or lifestyle.

The ESSEX incorporates STEINWAY & SONS’ latest design specifications and engineering standards, as well as the STEINWAY commitment to excellence developed over 160 years of quality craftsmanship. Every ESSEX instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced STEINWAY & SONS technicians before it leaves the factory.

Every ESSEX upright is built on the foundation of exceptional sound and excellent value. Whether it's a mid-century apartment, an industrial loft, or a country retreat, elegant touches in molding, finishes, and hardware complement any property.ESSEX uprights are well-made and come in a range of casing types. Which is Suitable for a wide range of home décor types and personal preferences. The ESSEX collection celebrates the union of form and function with colours ranging from satin black to aubergine mahagony, brass hardware to nickel, and modern to traditional.

For its resonant properties and excellent strength-to-mass ratio, high-grade, straight-grained, quarter-sawn spruce is chosen. The soundboard is solid rather than laminated, resulting in the best resonance and sound projection. The diaphragmatic soundboard, which is thicker in the middle and gradually tapered to the corners, was patented by STEINWAY in 1936. The ESSEX Soundboard is tapered from bass to treble, producing a fuller, louder tone.

The huge ESSEX Dackposts help create a lovely tone by providing a sturdy basis for the resonating soundboard and tensioned vibrating strings. Instead of being precisely equidistant, ESSEX backpost placements are scattered and situated where the string strain is greatest. Massive staggered backposts help produce outstanding tone and maximum stability, ensuring that the piano will last for years and decades to come, tunings will be more stable, and piano tone will be strengthened.