Performance Elevated
Adams Musical Instruments is pleased to announce the debut of the new Marching Brass Series, handcrafted in Thorn, Holland, in 2013. Adam’s craftsmen have designed a series of horns that outperforms and outlasts all others, building on the success of the Custom Brass Series. The Adams Marching Brass Series was designed to improve performance by providing high-quality instruments that can withstand the rigors of current marching competition. The marching Brass Series is totally developed, produced, and constructed in Thorn, Holland, using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to produce outstanding instruments.

These well-balanced and lightweight horns were made with only the highest-quality materials, resulting in a product range that players and directors agree has the best sound quality on the field. For quick reaction and years of service, proprietary valves are made with finely cut stainless steel pistons. Custom-made, long-lasting bracing with ergonomic hand positions, line-of-sight windows, and a comfortable balance.

Adams' Custom Brass series, which dates back to 2005, has produced some of the world's finest handcrafted Trumpets, Euphoniums, Flugelhorns, and Tubas. The entire process, from material selection through cutting, hammering, soldering, and polishing, can be traced back to master craftsmen of the past. They combine their knowledge with their experience and use of contemporary machinery and techniques to produce the world's greatest Timpani, drawing on their many years of experience.

With exceptional intonation, clear projection, immense force, superior resonance, and powerfully projected sound, Adams Marching Brass will raise your performance - exactly the attributes desired by every critical musician on and off the field.

The Best-Sounding Instruments Ever Constructed

  • In Holland, each Adams Marching Brass instrument is completely handcrafted and constructed.
  • Every model is meticulously crafted to get the best possible tone and intonation.
  • Each lightweight model has been carefully designed to accommodate ergonomic hand positions, line of sight windows, and a pleasant balance.
  • On any marching line, exclusive Stainless-Steel pistons are the fastest and most dependable.
  • Adams employs the most advanced manufacturing techniques and technology to ensure that the instruments are the most efficient, centered, and sounding instruments available, as well as being made to withstand the demands of modern marching competition.